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Do. 02.06.2011

System of a Down


Sick of it All - Anti Flag

Mailand - Fierra Milano Rho

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System of a Down in Milano - Italy - First of all I would like to thank all my italien friend for the great stay in Italy. It was realy wounderfull and I can't remember when was the last time I drank so much and I had such a beautifull headeache the morning after !!! Many many thanks. I hope you enjoy the pictures !
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While we just arrived when Volbeat started their concert. Very nice ! A mixture between Jonny Cash, Elvis and Heavy Metal. Just great. I'm already a big fan of Volbeat and the next concert in Stuttgart is already booked in November, to whoever want's to join !!!
Next in line was "Sick of it All" with nice old school Hardrock as we like it, see the previous concert in Stuttgart last year. Nice parallel to the visit in Milan by the way ... So while I was joining the milanese live stile, that is "standing in line for whatever", entrance, food, drink, toilet ... I missed the concert of Danzig. But actually I didn't realize and apparently that was like the concert was. Well we remember the Misfits and the golden age of Danzig with "Mother" ... but at 56 it's maybe time to retire.
As the sky over Milan turned to night we all awaited the band we came for "System of a Down". What a concert! Not so much SOAD who played their 6 year old songs and hopefully there will be new songs soon ! ... But the italian people who joined the concert. Everybody knew all songs by heart and sang every line together. Actually I couldn't hear Serj at all while everybody around me sang with him. Incredible ! That was realy an overwhelming feeling.

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