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Persistence Tour

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Persistence Tour 2010

Sick of it All
Blood for Blood
Evergreen Terrace
Cruel Hand & Casey Jones

Hardcore Festival in Stuttgart ...
7 Bands from all over the US fukin A, two Italians and myself - the perfect ingredients for a pleasent evening. So we arrived, as planed - already months before, at half past six at the Filderstadt Filharmonie and just heard the last songs of Casey Jones. After a short refreshment with good german beer and not so good germany paninis and almost delicous red-"WINE" already the second band played allong. Cruel Hand honorably played before a small groupe and soon finished their part without any dramatic scenes. Still hungry and thristy we enjoyed another glass of wine and german tramenzini - delicous ! - Then Evergreen Terrace started their part and gave a nice show of hardcore songs with intermezzoes of songs you already heard somewhere else before ... mad world ! Realy good show and nice happy sing allong songs. Then the head-banger show started with Unearth giving their best to heat up the crowed for the highlights of the evening. Blood for Blood started their show and the hall was completely crowded. Pogo dancing, circle pit, stage diving ... I would have almost felt cosy if "Jule" - that crazy Bitch wouldn't have bitten me !? Anyway ... BfB kicked ass with their angry, "slightly" negativ energy driven hardcore. After meeting and greeting the bands in at the merchandizing area the Old School band of the night started their concert. With 25 years in the business D.R.I. gave a real old school feeling to the concert. Finally Sick of it All started and gave us the last kick of the night which we were all desperatley in need for ! They played songs out of their wide repertoir from Old School punk rock, to their early Hardcore songs and the their most recent songs. Finializing the show with a "wall of death", stage diving and finally inviting the whole audience on stage for the last hardcore song of the day. All together a realy nice Hooaaaardcoooore evening with a broad variety of different Hardcore styles. Hoooooaarrrrd !!

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